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Ultra thin steel windows and doors

Who We Are

EuroSteel is an international manufacturer of premium quality, architectural steel windows and doors. We have served the US and Canada since 2019 with precision engineered thermally broken doors and windows. Our technology provides top energy savings whether you live in Alaska, or Arizona. Our leadership team has over 50 years of experience in technical design, engineering and manufacturing in 5 different countries. We maintain stringent standards and are certified under WDMA, NFRC, NAFS and TDI agencies and standards. We strive to make the world’s best steel fenestration by integrating modern technical expertise with the care of old world craftsmanship. 

What we do

EuroSteel manufactures premium quality, thermally broken steel windows and doors. Our super slim lines embody an elegance that can only be achieved with steel. The strength and ductility of steel provides the greatest freedom of design, making it the number 1 preferred building material of modern architects. Builders value the consistent quality and easy installation of our products, while homeowners appreciate the expansive light and significant energy savings of our designs. We take pride in blending cutting edge technology with artisanal dedication to help create your architectural masterpiece.

Our Products

We offer a comprehensive range of interior and exterior steel framed doors and windows that cater to a wide range of styles. From the sleek and elegant look of modern minimalism, to the more ornate or distinguished style of embellished grillwork – steel does it all. There are challenges to making glass a primary building feature and that is why our glazing department is world renowned. We start with top quality raw materials and employ cutting-edge processes to create functional works of art. Our goal is to deliver products that incorporate the latest thermal design features available, while also being visually stunning. If you want the truly innovative design potential that only steel frames permit – then EuroSteel has the expertise that you need.
  • NFRC Certified and Energy Star Rated.
  • Steel Frames – as narrow as 12 mm (1/2″).
  • Steel Frames – 4 x stronger than any other.
  • Precision Fabrication – to 1 mm tolerance.
  • Zinc galvanized steel with, ‘Hard-as-Nails’, 6H finish.
  • Weather tight windows and doors with 4 stage seals
  • Dual and triple pane, argon & krypton filled, IGU’s.
  • The Lowest U factors – as low as 0.18.
  • Sound proofing – 50% better than standard

Our Service

At EuroSteel Architectural, we focus on your needs, your ideas and your budget. We make it our priority to understand your vision and to help bring your ideas to life. Quality is designed into our products and it is also the value system that guides every aspect of how we do business. Let us help you design your dream windows and doors. We promise to:

  • Communicate clearly and accurately at every phase of your project.
  • Help you choose products best suited to your needs and budget.
  • Provide precise CAD drawings in a timely manner with revisions as needed.
  • Confirm all details of an order in writing before we begin construction.
  • Manage delivery to your building site on time and on your schedule.
  • Back all products by warranty to ensure your satisfaction. 

“When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty... but when I've finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller

New Construction & Renovations


Question & Answers

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EuroSteel sells both directly and also through local dealers. Our pricing model works the same in either case, since dealers provide valuable customer service as well as showcasing our products. If there is a dealer in your area then they will aid you in placing your order and can assist you through installation.

EuroSteel is proud to offer the best price for steel fenestration available. Our Project Managers are trained to help you decide what your architectural and climate needs are and then choose the products that will best meet those needs. We provide highly competitive pricing and can offer alternative choices if needed to keep within your budget.

EuroSteel Doors has the best warranty in the industry. All our doors carry a 20 year warranty on structure, a 10 year warranty on the finish and a 5 year warranty on glass. See full warranty. 

Eurolite products are packaged in custom made steel skids that provide the highest level of protection. The skids are designed to be offloaded from the truck with a forklift. If your order is less than a full container load, then the skids will also have plywood cladding. You can also request a delivery truck with a lift gate that will enable you to move the skids to pavement level. Generally, two to three strong men can unpack each skid and move individual products by hand. Deliveries are usually by 18 wheel trucks, but smaller trucks are available for smaller orders if requested.

Custom made doors and windows are usually delivered to your location within 12-18 weeks after final CAD design approval. This time may vary depending on logistical factors beyond our control. Your project manager will be able to give you updates on projected delivery times when you place your order.

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